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Dependent Data Upload to the Cloud


You only need to import dependent information if you are self-insured.  Your provider/carrier should be able to provide you the dependent information if you have not been tracking it.  This file includes the dependent information required for the system to fill out Part III of the 1095-C correctly.

Dependents may be entered into the Cloud in 2 ways:

  1. Use the Excel Dependent template provided here and Upload as a text file from the Cloud Utilities/Upload & Import or…
  2. Enter them directly on the Cloud in the Maintenance/Dependent Benefit window

Let’s look at the First method:

  • Click Here for Dependent Excel Template
  • The Header must remain the same with the exception that Optional Columns may be deleted if you chose to or you can have all the column headers and leave the rows blank for those that are Optional.  The order of the columns no longer are set.
  • The Spouse field is also Optional.  It may be empty or if you want to use it, the record for a spouse is 1 and the record for a non-spouse is 0.
  • You can enter the Start Date and End Date as the date they started and ended coverage.  We now recommend that each year be entered separately.  For example, if your employee had coverage starting on 3/1/2021 for the rest of that year, the ending date would be 12/31/2021.  If the employee continued coverage for the entire next year of 2022, you would enter another line with a Starting Date of 1/1/2022 and Ending Date of 12/31/2022.  We no longer recommend the 1/1/1900 continuation date.
  • The system now has the ability to upload breaks in dependent coverage where two or more independent lines of dependent coverage are uploaded for the same filing year.
  • Remember that this spreadsheet is for the Dependents only but links to the Employee through the Employee ID.  The Employee’s Part III automatically fills because the ACA Plan Setup has the self-insured check mark and they took health insurance.
  • The use of the Spreadsheet is good for mass import and will not duplicate if you upload it several times.  If you make changes, the Cloud Solution will pick up the changes from the last import.

Now let’s look at the Second method:

This direct entry directly on the Cloud may be good for you if you have most of your dependent data already in the Cloud Solution from last year’s filings.  Then if you need to make a change you can edit and add a new dependent or put in an end date.  You will not need to use the Plan ID or Deduction Code boxes.  See the snap shot below.

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Last Review:   05/28/2022 – Revision: 1.3

Applies To:   ACA Compliance Solution

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