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“Duplicate in Import File” Error & “Allow Duplicates”


You may be getting an error report for transactions that looks like this:

We released an update Version on August 25 and this was part of that update 4.4.  Please read about it is on the blue question mark in the Cloud Solution as below.


This error is on a transaction by transaction basis.  Only the duplicated transactions are prevented from going into the Cloud.  All others do go in. This error is used to warn the customer of duplications on the upload.  You can determine if this is something that will affect the 1095-C.  If so, change the affected transaction.  If you change erred transactions or not, you will need to delete the “Error” batch as shown below and re-upload.

However, it may be easier, and what is most applicable for you, to do the following.  If the error occurs but you do want all the transactions to come in, then, delete (Garbage Can) the batch in Show History. Then check the Allow Duplicates box on that window and re-export the batch from the Connector in GP or the text import file from other payroll systems.

If you keep the Allow Duplicates checked, the error will not happen and will be as before.  Then you would need to look at the Monthly Hours Breakdown Report to see if duplication occurred.  See below:



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