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Employee File, Common Import Errors and How to Fix


To review hours and reports within the ACA Compliance Solution, data must be imported into the software in a txt (Text Tab Delimited) on the Upload and Import page, for specific instructions please Click Here.

The import process is fairly smooth and easy. However, different scenarios can create import errors and for the import to not go through. Below are some examples and what steps are needed to fix the file.

Employee Import Error Example 1:

This error will occur if a character limit of one of the columns is over the allotted limit. On the excel templates Click Here to view, the columns have specific character limits. To resolves this error, review the columns and make sure that the characters limits are within the acceptable number of characters. Re-save the file and then re-import. The employee file will not upload if an error occurs.

Employee Import Error Example 2:

Employee 2

This error will occur if the Column Headers in the first row of the file are not imported with the file. To resolve this error, input the column headers in the exact format and order of the Employee Excel Template Click Here to view. Re-save the file and then re-import the file. The employee file will not upload if an error occurs.

Employee Import Error Example 3:

Employee 3This error will occur if the file contains a comma in any one of the cells. As the example shows, there is a comma after the last name of the employee. To resolves this error, remove the comma. Re-save and re-import the file. The employee file will not upload if an error occurs, you will not need to delete the first errored file.

This error will appear with quotation marks (“”) in the text file.  The best way to clean the entire txt file is to open the text file.  Go to Edit at the top menu.  Go down to Replace.  Put a ” in the top line and tab down to the second line leaving it blank.  Click Replace All.  If the txt file turns blue momentarily, you had ” that were removed.  Save and re-upload.

Employee Import Error Example 4:

Employee 4

This error is very similar to Example 2, however it is occurring not due to the column headers being removed, but due to blank rows at the end of the file that are trying to upload into the software. To resolve this error, open the txt file in Notepad. Then click Ctrl END and the cursor will go to the bottom of the file. There will be blank space between the end of the file and the last row of data. To remove the blank space, highlight the blank area until the last row of data and click Delete. You may also delete the blank space by clicking the backspace key until the cursor is next to the last character of the file. Re-save the file and re-import the file.

Formatting Employee IDs with leading Zeros

Step 1

Highlight the entire column in Excel and right click. Choose Format Cells

Step 2

Choose Custom and erase the word “General”


Step 3

Input nine zeros into the text field and click OK