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Question 1: We currently label ONLY the employees that work 40 hours plus as Full Time in Dynamics GP. This allows us to track who is eligible for benefits outside of health care coverage. If an employee is labeled Part Time in Dynamics GP, they are offered coverage and they decline, how will the system detect this and is it an issue?

Answer 1: We know whether or not an employee was eligible based on their hours for testing. The system tracks who would be offered coverage based on their testing. If an employee averages 30 hours per week in the measurement period (lookback method) or the employee works 130 hours in any one month (monthly method) the system links this information. The question would then be asked in the company setup whether or not the lowest cost plan was offered to all eligible employees. All of your data is uploaded through the Connector and then the Cloud solution applies this in the Eligibility reports.

Question 2: How does the system determine who is a variable, hourly employee needing to complete an IMP and who is Part Time, expected to work 30+ hours a week at hire? Could this affect when someone is offered coverage?

FT or PT 1

Answer 2: A variable, hourly employee is considered Part Time. The system knows variable, hourly employees have an employment type of Part-Time Regular or Part-Time Temp on the GP employee master card. Remember, if an employee is coded as Full Time Regular or Full Time Temp, they should be provided immediate access to health coverage. If the employee accepts, there is no measurement period, only a waiting period of up to 90 days. For a PT new hire the initial measurement testing should be completed prior to the compliance time and if the employee passed, they would have to be offered coverage.

Question 3: If an employee is a variable employee, labeled Part Time in the system, meets the 30 hour requirement in his/her IMP, offered/accepted coverage, and does not meet the 30 hours in the next available SMP, how will notifications be made to remove the employee from the coverage? The report will show the employee is Part Time and meets the hourly requirements, but there isn’t anywhere that will label if they are currently covered. Is the company responsible for manually tracking who is labeled as a Part Time and accepted coverage?

Answer 3: Eligibility is tracked on both scenarios. If an employee qualifies after their IM period the system will know. The system also knows if that employee did not make it in the subsequent SM period and thus creating the corresponding overlap of their IM stability period. The employee must remain on the plan until the stability period for the IMP ends. Starting with the next release date for products, there will be a new stability management report that will outline this information and explain month by month, who is coming off or on the stability period.

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