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How do I manually turn on the Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Employee E-Mail Suite?


Microsoft outlook will sometimes disable an add-in automatically.  Typically, this is based on how long it takes for an add-in to load at start-up.  If the add-in takes a significant amount of time to load, Outlook will automatically disable it. This means that the add-in will have to be manually turned on. When this occurs, an error is visible at the time of Start-up that states an add-in problem occurred.  To correct this the add-in will have to be manually enabled.   

EES addins 1



Click on “View Disabled Add-ins…”

EES addins 2


Click “Always enable this add-in”

As a result of always enabling this add-in, outlook might take longer to start.  However, the add-in should then always be enabled.

These and other add-ins can be managed in File>Options>Add-ins or File > Manage Add-Ins.

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Applies To:  
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2

Microsoft Outlook 2013













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