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How do I modify Integrity Data’s E-Mail W-2 Statements product from Tax year 2013 to Tax year 2014?


This method can only be used when the Year is the only change as is the case in 2013 to 2014.  Keep in mind, if you are on Employee Email Suite version 12.0.10 or higher the system will prompt you when you send W-2 Statements that your report year is not correct if you only update the report and do not install the year end update.

Navigate to the Microsoft Dynamics folder, then select the Data folder, then select the W2-Attach folder.  In the folder you will see the file W-2 Instructions.pdf.  Replace this file with the 2014 version from the Integrity Data website download page for 2014.

EW2 2014 Tax

Link to Download Page:

EW2 2014 Tax 2

Next step is to log into Great Plains as ‘sa’ and go to the Report Writer ( Tools > Customize > Report Writer ).

EES 2014 Tax 3

Next select Employee E-mail Suite form the Product drop down list.

EES 2014 Tax 4

Select the four W-2 forms one by one and click on the Insert button to move them into the Modified Reports area as shown n the images that follow.

EES 2014 Tax 5

EES 2014 Tax 6

Select each of the 4 reports one by one and edit 2013 to be 2104 and save it as follows.

EES 2014 Tax 7

After selecting the report select Layout.

EES 2014 Tax 8

After the layout opens select the A icon in the toolbox panel to edit text on the report.  Then click in the 2013 text and change it to 2014.

EES 2014 Tax 9

Select the X in the upper right corner and close the layout.  You will be asked “Do you want to save the changes to this report layout?” respond by clicking on Save. 

Then click on OK on the Report Definition form.

Repeat the process with the other three forms.

Close Report Writer.

Log back into GP and set your Alternate and Modified version to your updated report.