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Setting Up the Self-Insured Indicator for Dependent Coverage in the ACA Compliance Solution


Question: Our company is self-funded but the covered Individuals section Part III of the 1095-C is blank.  All the dependents are keyed in to the Dependent Benefit window of the Cloud with beginning dates and ending dates. How does your solution indicate self-funded?

Answer:  If the health plan the employee is attached to is marked as self-insured in the ACA Plan Setup, it will include individuals and dependents in Part III of the 1095-C.  If the plan does not have the self-insured box checked, Part III will remain blank as the system then thinks you are a fully insured company.











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Last Review:  5/21/2022 – Revision: 2.2

Applies To: ACA Compliance Solution

Categories:  ACA Plan Setup; Dependents; Year End – 1095-C and Filing

Keywords:  Self-funded, Plan Setup

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