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How to Import Beginning Balances for Comprehensive Leave Manager

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This Excel spreadsheet provides an example file to import balances.  Depending on the leave setups you may or may not want to enter time in the Earned, Pending, Adjusted fields.  We will discuss this further below.  Once the import is comlete you will be able to view the imported transaction in the Employee Leave Transaction window.

Click Here to Download the Excel Template

Leave Trx Import

Employee Leave Trx window

Import Considerations:

Yearly Accrual Maximum

When an Accrual Schedule is setup with a Maximum Hours Based On “Per Year” either Calendar or Accrual year, the system will add all the Earned and Pending for the year to determine if the employee should be allowed to accrue.  

Accrual Schedule window

For example, if an employee currently has a balance of 60 hours consisting of 40 hours from last year and 20 hours accrued this year.  If my maximum is 48 hours per year depending on how I import the balances will impact my accrual amount this year.  If the 60 hours is imported as Adjusted then the system will calculate my maximum accrual this year for 0 hours, instead of 20 and the employee could potentially over accrue their leave time.   If the 60 hours is imported as Earned the system will not accrue any time for this year because it will view the 60 hours as over the 48 hour yearly maximum.  For the system to accruately calculate the maximum, we would import 40 hours in the adjusted field and 20 hours in the earned field.  Then the system would see that we have accrued 20 hours towards our yearly maximum this year.

Waiting Period/Pending Time: 

If the leave policy requires a waiting period then hours may need imported into the Pending status.  If an employee is currently in a waiting period then any accrued time will be in a Pending status.  Once the employee fullfills the waiting period requirements the system will move the pending time to Avaialble during payroll based upon the leave setups.

Waiting Period

Import Files