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HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

Integrity Data Product Activation for Dynamics GP Add-ons


The Activation Engine is installed by default when a product is installed.

Integrity Data products activate automatically after the product is installed and you log into Dynamics Great Plains as ‘sa’ for the first time. The Activation engine reaches out over the internet to the Integrity Data Activation Server in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and returns with the keys to activate the product. Once successful this will not happen again until another product is installed or a product is upgraded.

In rare cases the access to the activation server is blocked by a firewall or security software. This can happen when installing on a file server with no access to the internet. This will correct when a workstation with internet access is installed and successfully activates and stores the keys in the Dynamics database. Once activation successfully takes place for one computer the product(s) are activated and activation does not do any further communication to the activation server because it sees in the database that the activation is complete.

To access the Activation Manager log into Dynamics Great Plains as ‘sa’ and navigate to Tools > Setup > System > Activation Manager and select a product in the drop down list.


Site Name shows the site name from Dynamics Great Plains.

Account Number shows the Microsoft Account Number from Dynamics Great Plains.

Installed Version shows the build/version of the Integrity Data installed product.

Expiration Date shows the date that the product license expires.

Activation Status shows Trial or Permanent. (For a product you have purchased it should show Permanent).

Current Employees shows the count of active employees for all companies and should match the number shown on the Help About Microsoft Dynamics screen.

Employees Allowed is the number allowed by your license tier.

The scrolling region contains a list of all companies and allows you to select the status of Active by checking the box. Unchecking the box does not remove them from the Active employee count for licensing. If Active is not checked for a company the product is disabled for that company.

Manual Activation this button opens a window to enter a manual key supplied by Integrity Data and should only be used when directed by Integrity Data.

Auto Activation this button is used to initiate auto activation to reach out to the activation server. If it is unsuccessful, an error will show in the Activation Messages at the bottom and an image of the form should be sent to for resolution. In most cases this is information on a new customer and needs correction on the activation server. For a few a manual key is needed because the computer cannot access the activation server.


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Last Review: 9/15/2017 – Revision: 1.0

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics GP Products 

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