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Procedures to Print the 1094-C and Mail the 1094-C and 1095-C’s to the IRS


If you are not required to electronically file (less than 250 forms), then you can mail the 2021 forms to the IRS by the deadline. Along with copies of your 1095-C forms, you must also mail a copy of the transmittal Form 1094-C for each company. The mailing address is found in the link below, 2021 Instructions for Forms 1094-C and 1095-C. The IRS requires that both the 1094-C and the 1095-C are printed in Landscape format.

There are a few steps to review before printing the 1094-C.

  1. Be sure the 1094-C Prerequisites window is completely and accurately filled out. For further guidance Click Here for the 2021 Instructions for Forms 1094-C and 1095-C. Keep in mind, the contact information that is filled out on this form is for who the IRS will contact with regard to either 1094-C or 1095-C returns. This window is found under the ACA Maintenance tab.
  2. Do you need to “reconcile” your 1094-C? Meaning, does it need to be recreated to accurately display the correct number of 1095-Cs and Part III and IV of the 1094-C? If yes, the “reconcile” button on the Edit 1094-C Maintenance window will perform this recreation. Simply key in the year, press “reconcile” and the form will re-create. You will NOT need to perform a year-end close for this to save. You will only need to “reconcile” the 1094-C if needed; if your 1094-C is already accurate prior to “reconciling,” there is no need to “reconcile.” This feature is available for our hosted compliance solution. The window appears as below.


3.   Select the IRS Forms/1095-C from the ACA Reports window and print. Be sure to select the Year 2021 and print one for each entity/company.

If you print the 1094-C and it is blank, review your setups on the 1094-C Prerequisites window.

Click Here for the ACA Compliance Solution User Guide for further explanations.

Please note that for paper returns, the IRS requires SSNs to be complete. This means that to get a full SSN to print on each 1095-C copy that you are sending by mail, you must make sure the “Electronic Filing Mask SSN” box is unchecked in the Company Setup field for each company. You will NOT need to rerun the Year-End Close, just go back to Reports/IRS Forms and print your 1095-Cs again. Do not worry about this matter if you are sending forms to the IRS electronically; in the upload for 1095-C copies, the full SSN will be appended.


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