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Updates to Zero Dollar Payroll Health Deductions for the Covered Employee


The ACA solution does require monthly deductions/benefits for Health coverage.  If there are no payroll deductions uploaded for any reason in a month, the system will show that the employee is not covered for those months. There are two ways to tell the system that they are covered:

  1. Upload a Transactions file in Excel (Text) with Benefits for each month. See below:

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The Cloud Solution now allows you to select a date range rather than monthly transactions.  You will need to check the radial circle “Use Date Range” found on the Company setup in Configuration.  This allows the entry of a single line rather than multiple lines on the spreadsheet.  The Period Start date and Period End Date would reflect the range of benefits. See the User Guide on page 58 for more details.

2.   We also have added a “+ Create Transactions” ability to the Transactions window in Maintenance on the Cloud.  This enables you to directly create monthly benefit transactions without uploading.  This works well if you have just a few employees that were missing one or a few months of health deductions.  See the User Guide on page 87 for more details.

This situation is often found with Educational Institutions that cover the employees for the year but deduct from the paychecks spread over 9 months.

Other situations that you will need to upload employee Health coverage are:

• Employer pays 100% of coverage for employee
• Employee is on FMLA during the month and coverage remained in force
• Employee is on military duty during the month and coverage remained in force
• Employee is on jury duty or illness during the month and coverage remained in force

Self-Insured plans will need to upload Benefits for Part III proof of coverage for those below:

• Retirees with zero hours but have Health coverage
• Partners or owners who have zero hours but have Health coverage


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