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Pricing Structure Criteria of Integrity Data’s Cloud Solution

Pricing Structure Criteria of Integrity Data’s Cloud Solution

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We can’t speak to such exact pricing, but we can cover factors that we know lead to escalations in pricing for ACA data management:

  • Some payroll service providers require full implementation of their HR module in order to accommodate ACA reporting. In this scenario they are using their ACA compliance as a tool to get employers to purchase their full-blown HR modules. We do not.
  • Some payroll service providers charge transactional fees as employees enter and exit a workforce’s ACA-eligible body. In industries with a high turnover, these fees are significant and add up quickly. We do not price according to this model.
  • Some payroll service providers are charging per return for the generation of 1095-Cs and for the e-filing of Form 1094-C. We do not.


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