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Stability Measurement Period Report Explained


This report is used to determine which employees are currently eligible for coverage in an existing Stability Period, and which employees are trending towards eligibility in current measurement periods. The report allows you to see WHETHER and WHY a given employee is in a stability period as of the cutoff date specified. Each column for Current and Future indicates what period is covering the employee, and when that eligibility should expire or begin.

  • This report relies heavily on the ACA information Assignments grid found in Configuration.
  • The Cut-Off Date year will be used to map employees to SMP’s setup in this grid
  • All records will be considered if no year is specified. All All All records are defined as a record on the ACA Information Assignments page that have “All” defined in the first 6 fields, shown below.

Report Options:

  • Added Employee From To
  • Added Include SSN

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Last Review: 6/08/2020 – Revision: 2.0

Applies To: ACA Compliance Solution

Categories:  Eligibility Reporting

Keywords:  Stability, Report

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