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Standard Measurement Period NEW Setup Schedule

Integrity Data is always looking for new ways to improve the ACA solution experience.  The ACA solution has now been enhanced to include new features for eligibility tracking and Standard Measurement Periods. These new features will make eligibility tracking much easier to manage – Especially for employers with multiple types of Standard Measurement Periods.


How does it Work?

All customers will now have a Standard Measurement Schedule, which will include various calendar years.  This new feature will allow employers to assign multiple standard measurement periods with varied time formats.  The ACA allows employers to assign different measurement periods to specific categories of employees.  Our solution will now allow employers to assign different schedules to different logical groups of employees.  For example, an employer can now assign a 12-3-12 Standard Measurement Schedule to employees in group A and a 6-3-6 Standard Measurement Period to employees in group B.


What Do I Need to Do?

If you are an existing customer with one Standard Measurement Period for all employees, nothing will change.  The system will automatically complete the data conversion and assign a Schedule ID. We just recommend that you review the updated system set-up to verify that it is accurate.  Also, if you would like to schedule a call with our customer support team to review your system set-up please contact us by email at


The ACA Information Assignments

ACA Information Assignment records will no longer require a “Current” or “Previous” SMP period be defined.  The system will instead automatically derive the periods it needs from the new Schedule Record. This enhancement saves you time in maintaining these records.  Previously, you were required to update the ACA Information Assignments annually.  In general, the new enhancement only requires that you set-up the ACA Information Assignment one time without future maintenance.


Questions / Resources

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Last Review:      6/8/2020 – Revision: 1.0

Applies To:   ACA Compliance Solution

Categories:  ACA Plan Setup, Company Setup, Eligibility Reporting

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KB Number: KB14-080

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