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HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

What are troubleshooting tips for Employee E-Mail Suite and Adobe Acrobat?


Adobe Acrobat Post Script Files

When you process the E-Mail Earnings Statements or E-Mail W-2 Statements but the error report never prints and a postscript PDF file is being created in the PDF file location but the system never converts the postscript file to the PDF file typically, this means there is an issue with the installation and/or performance of Adobe Acrobat.

Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Payroll > Email Suite

Adobe 1

Incorrect file indicating an issue with Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe 2

Correct file indicating the system successfully created the PDF File.

Adobe 3

The first step is to verify a valid version of Adobe Acrobat is being used.  You can verify the version installed from Control Panel Programs and Features list.  The supported versions of Adobe for Employee E-Mail Suite are Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro X, XI or DC.  Adobe Reader is NOT supported. 

Adobe 4

Secondly, verify only one version of Adobe is installed.  There have been known problems when multiple versions are found on a computer (i.e. Acrobat Standard X with Reader 9.0 or Acrobat Standard XI with Adobe reader X).  Finally, the location of all installed products must be the same.  If all of this is valid and an error is still being received uninstall and reinstall adobe.

Citrix and Adobe Acrobat

It must be noted that Adobe has a special deployment method for Citrix servers.  If you are on a Citrix server verify with Adobe that it is correctly installed on your server.  If it is not correctly installed, the product will not function properly.  Please contact Adobe with any questions regarding the deployment on a Citrix server.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2

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