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Monthly Initial Measurement Period Report


If you will click on “Version” in the upper right of the Cloud screen found below the ?, there is an explanation of changes made in the latest release version for reports. See below.


The setup window for eligibility now serves a dual purpose. If you do not check the bottom two boxes, it will run the large full PT employee population who are being tested in their Initial Measurement Period (IMP) and shows how far along each employee is and their projected status if they continue working those hours until they finish. If you select the last box it will run the Monthly IMP, as before, for the month entered in the cutoff box and show who has completed the 12 month test and their eligibility status.

In my third screen shot (the full IMP report) example Betty Willis (and the other 4) show as 12 months Expiring. They finished their IMP in June and will be eligible for insurance and the status warns you that they are expiring. These 5 are also shown by checking the last box (shows the Monthly IMP) as finishing in June (Cut-off Month) but only Betty Willis has enough hours to be eligible for coverage. See the second screenshot.


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