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Set Up of the ACA Plan for No Offer of Coverage


How do I report if our management has a health plan offering but non-management is not offered a plan?

You would have to setup at least two plans.
1) For the management and
2) For the no offer.

Keep in mind that even if you have a no offer you must have an ACA Plan setup for that scenario that would have none of the boxes click (MEC, MV, Employee, Spouse, and Dependent). It would not be a qualifying offer and would have no safe harbor. You do need to put in a date range as there will probably be a time when you do become compliant.

You would use the “no plan” ACA Plan as the least cost option.

For management that took the coverage, the system will look at their plan and report the attributes of that plan. For everyone else it will report the no plan.

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