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Link to E-Verify

Integrity Data HRP will link your new employees’ I-9 directly to E-Verify to give you peace of mind as you hire.  For this to work correctly, E-Verify must be turned on in the HR system. This will ensure the social security number is in the correct format for E-Verify. If you have not notified your Integrity Data Representative that you are using E-Verify, please let them know.

Using built-in links from HR to E-Verify, you can confirm the information on a new employee’s I-9 during the Onboarding process. Click the link in HR to log into your E-Verify account and complete the information for the employee. You will then receive a report from E-Verify regarding that employee. Next, you will print/save it as a PDF and upload it to the employee’s private documents. At that point you can go to the I-9 document and link the E-Verify PDF to the employee’s I-9. See the steps below:

From your HR Dashboard, scroll down to the Employee I-9’s (SEC2 Pending) window under the Management header and click on the Open/Approve Card.

The employee record will open with their I-9 information. Click the E-Verify Site Login link in the E-Verify menu.

The link will take you to the E-Verify Sign In page. After completing the User Agreement, you can log into your account. Next, you will complete the employee’s information and print/save to PDF. Upload this report to the employee’s documents by navigating to the HR Admin tab and selecting Document (employee) from the Employee Maintenance drop-down window. Click the Add Documents button and choose the employee listed in the report.

Back in the employee’s I-9 record page, select the I-9 document from the dropdown list in the I-9 Documents window.

Click on the Link I-9 document button to link the report to the employee’s I-9.

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Last Review: 9/19/2023

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