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Lump Sum Setup Procedure

Step 1: If you wish to utilize the ‘Lump Sum Setup’, set the ‘Use Lump Sum Hours’ to True. At which point the ‘Lump Sum Hours’ and ‘Anniversary Field’ will become editable

Step 2: Enter the lump sum hours and the anniversary date for hours in the corresponding fields

Step 3: Click the ‘Back’ button

Step 4: Now open the PTO Journal. Enter ‘PTO Journal’ in the search bar and select ‘PTO Hours Journal’

Step 5: The ‘PTO Hours Journal’ will appear

Step 6: Select ‘Actions’ > ‘Functions’ > ‘Calc. Lump Sum Hours’

Step 7: Enter an ‘Anniversary Start Date’ and ‘Anniversary End Date’ range that includes the lump sum anniversary date you entered in the ‘Lump Sum Setup’ the click ‘OK’

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