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Mass Compensation Change Import

In this article you will learn how you can use data import to complete mass compensation changes when needed.

From your HR Dashboard, click on the HR Admin tab.

Scroll down to Tools/Data Import

Select Employee Concept Data from the dropdown menu.

Click on Download Template and open to enable editing.

Delete all the tabs except for the Compensation Tab. To do this, right click on each of the other tabs and select delete.  You can also use Ctrl/click to select all the tabs at once to delete them.

Save the import template (don’t change the name of the import template or change the name of the tab) until you have created a Quick Report Writer report that contains the column header information. You can use the Report Concept Compensation to get the fields you need. The only fields that are required are in the headers that are RED. You should only have one line for each employee that you want to change, remove any extras or you will have duplicate entries.

After you have completed your report to extract your employe information, copy the information to your DataImportTemplate_EmployeeConceptData template.  Add the effective date and change the Employee ID to text.  If there isn’t a green triangle above the employee number, it isn’t text.

Use the following steps to convert the numbers to text, doing it any other way may cause the import to fail.

Convert numbers to text in Excel with Text to Columns wizard.

Select the column where you want to convert numbers to string in Excel.

Navigate to the Data tab in and click on the Text to Columns icon.

Click through steps 1 and 2. On the third step of the wizard, make sure you select the Text radio button.

Click Finish to see your numbers immediately turn into text denoted by the employee ID column with the little green warning triangles (which is exactly what we want).

Save your DataImportTemplate_Employe