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Mass EPO Changes Tool

By using the Mass EPO Changes Tool, you can update multiple employee’s positions and organization information at the same time.

Navigate to HR Admin Tab, scroll down to Tools, and select Mass EPO Changes

Build a list of employees you would like to change/update by using the list builder to filter and select the employees you want to change/update.

You can select from any of the options in the Employee List Builder to create the list of employees you would like to complete changes for.  (If you only have one company, your company will be selected automatically)

If there are any unwanted employees added to the Selected list, you can click on the trashcan next to their name to remove them from the list. If the list is not what you expected and you want to create the list from a different field, click on Clear Selected List, then begin your selection again.

When you are satisfied with the list you have created, scroll down and specify the effective date of the changes you would like to make to all employees on the list. Select the new values you would like to assign, choose a Change Reason, and add a note if you would like (but not required). When you are done, click “Start Update Process”.  If your environment is integrated with payroll, the changes will flow to payroll just as they would if done individually.

When the changes have been completed, you will receive a message letting you know, along with the number of employees that were changed.

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Last Review: 5/30/2023

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