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New Employee Experience – Benefit Elections

Below are examples of New Employee Benefit Elections for the purpose of demonstrating how a new employee might set up their benefits. These steps will be slightly different for everyone and should not be taken as exact instructions.

New employees eligible for benefits will receive an email with a link to start their benefits enrollment

The link will take the employee to the Integrity Data HRP Sign In screen

Once they sign in they have the option to “Begin Enrollment”

After clicking “Begin Enrollment” they will see Step 1: Introduction with a short welcome note. They will then click “Next”

Step 2: They will review personal information and make changes if needed, then click “Next”

Step 3: Here they will add dependents if applicable by clicking the  + button and filling out the popup window information, or if there are no dependents they will simply click “Next”

When information is completed for Dependent Info and Dependent Contact Info, they will click “Save.” They will be taken back to Add Dependents screen.

The new employee may add more dependents or click “Next” if there are no more to be added.