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New Employee Experience – Onboarding Example

Experience the Onboarding process like a new employee will including examples of selections they might make. This document to show how it will feel for the new employee to navigate through the process and should not be used as an exact instruction. Some choices will differ for each person.

The new employee will receive the following email

When they click on the “Begin Onboarding” button they will be taken to their onboarding experience

After clicking “Begin Onboarding” they will see a welcome note from the company. They will click “Save and Continue” to go to the next step.

The new employee’s information will automatically populate from their application. It can be updated during this step if needed. They will click “Save and Continue” after adding information when necessary and confirming the information is correct on each page.

Several screens will require an e-signature. The new employee can simply type their name in the e-signature line and a legally binding signature will be generated.

If you have created custom questions for new employee onboarding when you set up your system, they will appear here.

The new employee will be directed to complete and sign any documents that are attached to their onboarding.  If requested, they will upload those documents to this screen. They will then submit another e-signature and click “Save and Continue.”

The new employee will certify their onboarding with a final e-signature and click “Save and Continue.”

The REVIEW – Final Step screen prompts the new employee to look over each section one last time. They have one last chance to select “I did something wrong…let me go back” if there are changes to be made. Once everything is correct they will click “Submit my Onboarding.”

After they click “Submit my Onboarding,” they will see a confirmation message. They will be directed to wait to be contacted for next steps and given a list of the documents that were created during the onboarding process. They have the option to download the forms now or simply access them through the system from their My HR tab.

The new employee will receive an email confirming their direct deposit.

Finally, they will receive a welcome email including a link to their HR portal in Integrity Data HRP. They will be instructed to follow the link to change their password.