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Paid Time Off Accruals – Per Pay Period

General Notes

  • PTO is based on Hire Date
  • If the EE does not have a Payroll Document, they will not accrue

PTO is based on Payroll Divisions

  • Setup Groups >> HR Setup >> Payroll Divisions
    • Add Code and Description for each Division needed – i.e., accrual policy

Setup Groups >> Payroll Division Templates >> PTO Templates
NOTE:  Need one for each tier you need to setup

  • General
    • Division Code
    • Earnings Code = Vacation, Sick, PTO, etc.
    • Starting Date Formula = 0D (immediately), 30D, 5Y, etc.
    • Hours Limit = Max hours ever allowed – at no time will the system allow them to go over this number (this includes the carry-over)
      • Hours Limit = carry-over + total hours accrued for the year
    • Year Carryover = If this is turned on, you MUST have an amount in Carryover Hours Limit. If they have unlimited carry-over, then you can enter 99,999
    • Restricted Until Date Formula = “probation” – will calculate but not appear in balance bucket.  Ex. 90D = 90 Days


  • Hours per Year = The total hours the EE will accrue.
    • The system will automatically divide this number by the pay frequency to get the number of hours accrued each payroll.
    • If you use this field, you will NOT use any of the others in this section.


  • Standard Hours & Accrual Hours per Standard
    • These two fields work together and basically work as a fraction
    • They will only be used if you accrue time based on hours worked
    • You can only go out 2 decimals; therefore, if you need to go out further, you will need to adjust your fraction (move the decimal)
    • Accrual Hours per Standard Hours =
      • Example:  If you accrue 1 hour for every 30 worked
        • Standard Hours = 30
        • Accrual Hours per Standard = 1
      • Example:  If you accrue 4.615 hours (3 decimals) for every 80 worked
        • Standard Hours = 800
        • Accrual Hours per Standard = 46.15
      • Example:  If you accrue .0385 hours (several decimals) for every 1 worked
        • Standard Hours = 100
        • Accrual Hours per Standard = 3.85
    • Pay Cycle Hours Minimum = Minimum number of hours an EE must work before they begin to accrue

    • If you accrue on hours worked, then you need to set the flag on the Earnings Code
        • Pull-up the Earnings Code
        • PTO Setup section
        • Use Hours Based PTO Accrual

    • You will also need to tell the system what earnings to use to calculate the accrual
      • Pull-up the Earnings Code
      • PTO Setup section
      • PTO Accrual Earnings Filter
        • Click … and choose the Earnings Codes (Typically you will not accrue time-off from unpaid codes such as vacation, sick, etc. – so those would not be included.)
        • If OFF, it will calculate on ALL hour


  • EE card
  • Administration
    • Payroll Division = must be present
    • Process
    • Create PTO Hours from Template
       This assigns the PTO policies to the EE

Questions / Resources

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