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Part 1: Introduction to the Wizard

The introduction page outlines what the year-end wizard will do. You will notice several areas of
interest throughout the wizard.

The Information Area

This is the area in which you may choose pertinent information for yearend close. If incorrect or
incomplete information is entered, the user will be alerted through the Information Area before the
wizard will save any information.

As you enter information into the information area, the Help Center will move along with you. This will
ensure that valid information is entered.

The Help Center

Toward the right side of the wizard, the Help Center will contain all tips and help to get you through
the wizard.

Pay close attention to the Help Center. It will guide you through common areas of confusion
and help you make the best choices for your system configuration.

The Video Area

This area contains tutorials and further information to complete the wizard. Videos may be viewed
within the Implementation Wizard or in full-screen mode by clicking the full-screen button on the video

While watching a video in full-screen mode, press the Esc button on your keyboard to minimize
the video and keep the wizard open without losing information. 

Navigation Buttons

You can navigate the wizard using the “Previous,” “Next,” or “Save for Later” buttons. When using these
buttons, all required information must be saved in order to move back, forward, or save progress.
When navigation to other pages is not possible, the button will fade in color and will not be usable.

  • Previous: Brings you back to the previous page
  • Next: Takes you to the next page and saves the current page
  • Save for Later: Saves progress and closes the wizard
  • When the wizard is re-opened, it will continue where you left off
Before you can navigate to any other page or save the information for later, all required
information must be entered on the current page to move on.

Year End Wizard Progress Bar

The progress bar follows your movement through the wizard. As each whole section of information is
completed, the progress bar will complete one whole part.

Moving back through previous pages will not move the progress indicator.

Selecting Year End Information

On the first page of the wizard, you are prompted to choose a reporting year and control group.

  • Reporting Year: This year should be the IRS filing year you are attempting to close/process. It
    is not necessarily the current calendar year.
  • Control Group: Most commonly there is only one group to be processed for a given year. If you
    have several ALE groups for which you will be filing you will need to re-run this wizard again for
    each group.
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