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Part 7: Viewing Your Configuration Reports

In order to view the system configuration reports the user must click “Click Here.”

Clicking “Finish” will close the wizard.

The configuration reports are not accessible once the “Finish” button is clicked and the
wizard is closed.

The Company Setup Report

This report combines all entered information into one report, including some information which is
automatically completed for you based on your answers.

Anything that has been automatically completed for you can be changed manually through the
ACA Solution.

The Standard Measurement Period Report and Initial Measurement Period Report

These reports include all settings applied by you through the wizard.

  • The following year’s standard measurement is automatically calculated and created for you
    based on the entered dates and waiting periods, seen below.

The ACA Plan Report

This report includes all plan information that was entered into the wizard.

If “Unsure” is chosen as an answer to the Safe Harbor section of the wizard, the Safe Harbor
method on the ACA Plan Report will be automatically chosen by the system based on your
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