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HR and Payroll for Business Central

Payroll Adjustments

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Payroll Adjustments to Deductions attached to Employee Deduction Cards

  • Navigate to the Full Payroll Menu
  • Under Payroll Processing column, select Additional Processing Tables

  • Then Select Payroll Adjustments


  • This will take you to the Payroll Adjustments Table

    • Payroll Employee
      • Employee
    • Payroll Type
      • Deduction
      • Withholding
      • Employer Tax
      • Employer Contribution
      • Reimbursement / Draw
      • Advance / Loan
    • Payroll Code
      • Choose the correct Payroll Code you’re adjusting
    • Date
      • Usage Date (must be inside of the pay period you wish to adjust in)
    • Adjustment Amount
      • Typically negative on Deductions, Withholding, Employer Tax, and Employer Contribution
      • Using a positive amount while give adjustment value back to the employee
    • Status
      • Blank – unprocessed
      • Open – Processed on document but not posted
      • Posted – Has been completed and posted


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