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Payroll Calculation Exclusion Enabled

This table allows you to setup certain types of taxes to be completely excluded (wages and withholding/employer tax) from the employees that have this exclusion code. For example, if you select exempt from social security the employees with this exclusion code will show no applicable wages or withholding in their payroll document or in the tax reports like W2, and 941.

Once Enabled, Additional Payroll Setup to access Payroll Calc Exclusions table.

Create a Code to assign to the applicable employees and list each tax that they’re not subject to. There’s one for general, one for Employee, and one for Employer so you have 3 lines for each. Be careful to select ALL the FICA Soc Sec codes and FICA Medicare codes. The elipses will bring up the list of options, the tax has a different number for the open docs and ledger so that’s why there’s two columns.

Once set up, you will then assign the code you created in your Payroll Calculation Exclusion table to the applicable employee(s). This feature adds a field to the employee card in the General section where you can put this code:

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Last Review:07/12/2022

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