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Payroll Code Deduction Wizard

The Assisted Setup Wizard will automatically set up Payroll NOW by Integrity Data with the necessary payroll codes to begin utilizing the solution. However, you may need to add additional codes to configure the solution to your specific needs. In this manual, we will walk you through the process of setting up a Deduction Payroll Code via the Deduction Wizard.

Step 1: Full Payroll Menu – Setup Column – Payroll Codes

Step 2: ‘Payroll Code List’ will open. Select ‘+New’

Step 3: ‘Payroll Code Setup Card’ will open. Select ‘Deduction’ payroll code ‘Type’ from the drop-down menu

Step 4: ‘Deduction Setup’ tab will appear below the ‘Payroll Code’ tab. Enter your desired payroll code in the ‘Code’ field

Step 5: The ‘Deduction Settings Wizard’ will open

  • Select whether the deduction code will be a Pre-Tax or Post-Tax deduction via the ‘Pre/Post Tax’ field
  • Then select a ‘Deduction Type’ from the available options

Step 6: Select a ‘Retirement Type’ from the drop-down menu

Step 7: If the Deduction code is affiliated with a ‘Family Plan’ set ‘Family Plan’ True. Otherwise, leave the ‘Family.’

  • Plan set to False and click ‘OK’

Step 8: Enter ‘Description’ in the description field

Step 9: Review’ Deduction Setup’ tab. If you scroll down, you can review the limit settings associated with the Deduction. The ‘Deduction Wizard’ will automatically populate the limits related to standard deductions

Step 10: Review the ‘Federal Exemptions’ and ‘State Exemptions.’ You can scroll down to determine which exemptions are set to True or False. The Deduction Wizard will automatically pre-set the exemptions based on the ‘Deduction Type,’ but you can make manual adjustments here if needed

Step 11: Click the ‘Back’ button to save the new Deduction Payroll Code