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Payroll Code Posting Setup

Once you create a ‘Payroll Code,’ you will need to create a corresponding ‘Posting Setup.’ Payroll NOW by Integrity Data can properly post the accounting entries generated by the ‘Payroll Code.’ This will walk you through the ‘Posting Setup’ for the newly created ‘401KFidelity’ payroll code.

Step 1: Enter’ Payroll WH’ in ‘Search Bar.’ Select ‘Payroll WH / Deduction Setup’

Step 2: Payroll WH / Deduction Setup list will open. Select ‘+New’

Step 3: After clicking ‘+New,’ a new field will open. Apply ‘Employee Posting Group’ to ‘Employee Posting Group’ field

Step 4: The ‘Payroll Type’ will auto-populate. Select the ‘Payroll Code’ from the drop-down menu you wish to apply to this Posting Setup

Step 5: Select the ‘Account Type’ you wish to apply to this Payroll Code

Step 6:  Enter the ‘Account No.’ where you want all entries from the Payroll Code to post

Step 7. Click the ‘Back’ button to save Posting Setups

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