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Submit Payroll Tax Information to Integrity Data

The Payroll Tax Payments window is where all periodic and quarterly data is sent to the Integrity Data system. Payroll documents that have been posted before Tax Payment product activation will not be seen in this window. Please ensure that the product is activated before posting payroll documents.

Periodic Payroll Processing

Step 1:  After posting each payroll or batch, go to the Full Payroll Menu, select Periodic Processing under the Periodic Activities column.  Select Payroll Tax Payments at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Ensure that Periodic is selected at the top of the window. The Current Year will be defaulted, and you will need to select the Quarter of your check date. All payroll batches that have been posted after product activation will be displayed on the grid.

Step 3: Once your batch(s) is chosen, click the Process button at the top of the page. This button is used to submit the periodic or quarterly records to the Integrity Data System. You will get 2 messages. The first message will alert you that your periodic data was successfully uploaded, and the second alert is that your employees were uploaded successfully.

Your data has now been submitted.

*If there is an error while processing your information, the above message will appear.

Step 4: Click Yes to view errors associated with your upload. If an error happens, please contact Integrity Data at

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Last Review:     7/14/2023

KB Number: KB15-013

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