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Rehire a Terminated Employee

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From your HR Dashboard, click on the employee search window and type at least 2 letters of the first or last name of the employee that you want to rehire.

Click on the employee’s name to lock into their profile.

From your HR Dashboard, Click on the Employee tile.

Select ‘Position Organization’ from the Employee Maintenance dropdown menu.

When viewing Jane Doe, you can see her Hire Date and her Status as Active.  You can also see Jane’s Termination Date and a Status of Terminated.

To begin the Rehire process, click on Is this a RE-HIRE? and Yes, add the Effective Date, then click on Let’s begin adding a Position/Organization.

Update any information that has changed in the highlighted fields, make sure to change the status to Active. If you are using Onboarding for a Rehire, you need to select a task list.  You can create an Onboarding task list specifically for Rehires if you want to collect different information and/or documents than you do for a New Hire.

When you have completed your changes, click on Save Changes.

If you are using the Onboarding for a Rehire, from you HR Dashboard, click on the Hiring tile.

Select ‘Onboarding Dashboard’ from the Onboarding dropdown menu. Since this is a rehire, you don’t need to complete the ‘OnBoard Prep’ steps.

You will see your Rehire, click on the envelope to send the Rehire Onboarding email to the employee.

Click the ‘Send Invitation Email’ button.

When your rehire completes their onboarding paperwork and submits it, the status on your Onboarding Dashboard will change from Prepped to Requires Approval you can review the submission by clicking on the employee’s name.  If everything appears correct, click on Approve.

After you click Approve, the employee will disappear from your Onboarding Dashboard and be an Active employee again.

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Last Review: 05/26/2022

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