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Report Interface

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All reports for ACA Compliance Solution reporting are generated from the ACA Reports window.

Reports are separated into categories as listed below. Once the categories is selected a drop-down list
for Report Name will be displayed allowing you to select which report you want to run. As soon as a
selection is made, more fields will be displayed representing the applicable report parameters which
will need to be completed. The reports in the list are categorized as follows:


  • Full Time Employee and Equivalents
  • Initial Measurement Period Analysis
  • Stability Measurement Period Analysis
  • Standard Measurement Period Analysis


  • Employee Monthly hours Breakdown
  • ACA Full-Time Employee Health Care Coverage Report
  • ACA Full-Time Employee without Health Care Coverage Report

IRS Forms

  • 1095-C
  • 1095-C-Envelope
  • 1094-C
  • 1095-C Instructions
  • 1095-C Dependent Edit Report
  • 1095-C Coverage Edit Report

Eligibility and Employee forms may be viewed, printed and/or exported to Excel. IRS Forms are created
and automatically downloaded to be viewed, printed or exported.

Eligibility Reports

Standard Measurement Period Analysis Report

Used to determine number of hours worked and whether the employee is eligible for coverage
(Worked total of 130 hours per month)

This report will analyze a standard measurement period and set the cutoff date to the end of the
period. If you change the cutoff date, the system will analyze the PIECE of the standard measurement
period defined by the date. This will result in the system reporting on the eligibility as of that date. If
you are analyzing a period which is not yet over then the report behave the same way. This report will
provide you with analysis as of the latest information available.

Report Options:

  • Include ACA Full-Time Status: Include employees on the report whose ACA Status is ACA
  • Show only ACA Eligible: Show only employees who are eligible for coverage
  • Include SSN: Determines whether the Employee SSNs are displayed on the Report.

Initial Measurement Period Analysis Report

The Initial Measurement Period Analysis Report will provide you with an eligibility analysis of your
initial measurement period. This report should be used to identify which employees have reached fulltime eligibility after completing the initial measurement period. Please note that the report cutoff date dictates whether certain employe