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Review, Correct, and Approve Timesheets

The following information will assist Administrators, Manager, and Supervisors in completing the ATA approval process for their direct or indirect reports.

ATA Dashboard Setup

Dashboard setup will allow you to see the employee information that you need to act on as soon as you login to ATA.

To set up your Dashboard select the ‘Dashboard’ tab and click ‘My Dashboard Setup’ from the dropdown menu

Checkmark each widget title you want to see on your dashboard and click on ‘Save’.

Click on the Integrity Data HRP logo and it will take you to your ATA Dashboard.

Look for missing punches, reports, and approvals.

This window shows missing punches:

To make corrections, click the ‘Edits’ tab and select ‘Time Management’ from the dropdown menu.

Correcting Punch Exceptions

From the Time Management menu, you will see punch exceptions that need to be corrected. These are missing punches older than 16 hours. Any punches that are 16 hours or newer will be considered punches within the Punch Threshold.

I = In punch

O = Out punch

LI = Lunch In

LO = Lunch Out

You should have a corresponding IN/Out Punch.  If one is missing, it will cause an exception and needs to be edited to correct it. The example below has yellow highlights show the missing information. To make the correction, click on one of the missing information fields to open it.

When the punch opens, it will look like the example below.  You will be able to make all the corrections needed for this employee’s punch from here, except for lunch punches.

This example shows an employee who had an Out Punch that should have been an In Punch, an Out Date needed to be added, and an Out Time needed to be added. Click on the ‘Time’ box to open a predefined grid where you can select the correct time, or you can add the time manually by typing it in the field. You can also add a note recording why you are making the change.

When you click on ‘Save’, the timecard exception will disappear.

Missed Lunch Punches

If the missed punch is a lunch punch, it needs to be corrected from a different area. Lunch punches create two punches.  To make the correction, you need to click on the employee’s name to open their timesheet.

You can see the Lunch In, (LI) and the Start work after lunch at 11:30am and you can see that the employee clocked out at the end of the day. Because he didn’t clock out for lunch, the lunch out wasn’t created, and the morning work hours were not stopped. Adding the lunch out will calculate the hours worked prior to lunch and the among of time the employee took for lunch.

Add a Punch

To add the punch, click on ‘+Add New Punch’ on the Employee’s Timesheet.  When the Add New Punch window opens, select the Punch Type from the dropdown menu. Fill in the Date and add the Time. Note the reason for the change and click on the ‘Save’ button.

The ‘Status’ will have changed to ‘Pending’.

Click on Refresh to see the effects of the change you made.

Go back to the Exceptions tab and click, you will still see the missing punch until you click on ‘Refresh’.

After clicking on the ‘Refresh’ button, the exception will disappear.  You can continue with any other corrections you need to make

*Any missing punches that are not corrected will continue to be seen until they are corrected, regardless of the pay period. Change the Pay Period from the dropdown menu to get to the punch that needs to be corrected to clear it.

If an employee doesn’t clock in or out for an entire shift/day, you can add all the punches at the same time by going to the Employee’s Timesheet and clicking on ‘+Add New Transaction’.

Select the applicable Transaction Type and Pay Type from the dropdown menus.  The pay types will vary with the transaction type that is selected.

Add the Start Date/Time, the End Date/Time, Lunch time, (if applicable), Notes, and click ‘Save’.

Approving Timesheets

Take note of the various colors on the timesheet.  The colors will help you identify the pay type.  The legend is at the top of the timesheet for your reference.

To review approvals from the timesheet, select the ‘Timesheet’ tab in the ‘Time Management’ window. Be sure to click on the ‘Show Approvals’ box at the top of the timesheet.