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Schedule a Review

Written Instructions

From your HR Dashboard click on the Employee tile

Select Review from the Employee Maintenance dropdown menu

Click on “New”

Select the reviewer, the employee, the review type, and set the status as Scheduled. Click Yes if you want the employee to acknowledge that they know they are scheduled. Select the date, and type the location of the review. You can add a second review by completing the Reviewer/Dates (Additional) box, but it isn’t required.

You will see your Review Instructions and the Review Questions that you linked to this review type. You have the option of entering private notes.  Private notes can not be seen by the employee. Each of the boxes will expand to fit as much as is typed.

When the employee logs in, the review window will open, showing the employee the scheduled review.

If the employee goes to their My HR Dashboard, they will see the Upcoming Reviews also

The employee will not be able to complete the review until the reviewer has completed their notes (if any), and changed the status to In-Process by going back to the HR Dashboard and clicking on Employee/Employee Maintenance/Review.

Click on the question that you want to change from Scheduled to In-Process.

Click on the dropdown arrow under status, and change it to IP – In-Process and Click “Save Changes.”