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Setting Up Applicant Tracking

Create/Select Application Questions

You have the option of importing and/or creating your own questions and/or using a set of pre-populated, frequently used questions in your applicant tracking setup.  If you have a list of questions for your applications that you would like imported prior to your software deployment, please send your list to your Deployment Facilitator. Questions that are to be imported should be completed prior to beginning the selection of questions to be used.

Click on Hiring from your HR Dashboard

Click on ?Question Bank under the Applicant Tracking menu

Select the questions from the Question Bank that you would like to use by clicking on the question

  • You can select questions during the setup process that you don’t want to use for every application but do want to use for some. To make the question Active/Inactive, select Yes or No under Active as shown above
  • The sequence is the order that the question will appear in the application. When setting up your sequence numbers, use sequences of 50, (1, 50, 100,150,200, etc…)  This will allow you room to add questions and change the order of your questions if you need to in the future

When the question opens, you can modify how the question is used (Question Type, Active Y/N, Sequence Number, Is Required Y/N and is this a knock-out question) and modify the question title and Question text

  • Knock-out questions will set the application to be declined if the applicant did not meet the requirements for the position, this saves you time during your review.
  • If you make changes to the format of your question after selecting the correct answer for your question, you need to select the correct answer again before you save it.  If you don’t complete this step, the wrong answer may be marked as the correct answer and cause applicants that meet criteria to be listed as declined.

Creating Multiple Application Versions

You will have the option of creating a new application and/or cloning, (copying) an application that you already have. Cloning is a good tool when you have similar positions and/or want to ask the same questions.

Click on the Hiring tile

Click on Application Version found under Applicant Tracking.