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Setting up New Employee Onboarding

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Customize Onboarding Question Bank

Click on the “Hiring” tile on your HR Dashboard

You will see the dropdown box. Click on the ?Question Bank

You will see a list of questions that have been created for use during the Onboarding process.  You have the option of changing the sequence, (order of appearance during Onboarding), making a question active/inactive by clicking on Yes/No, creating a new question, or deleting a question

To create a New Question, click on

Complete the highlighted information and click “Save Changes”

You will see your question in the question list

When you have added/inactivated/deleted all your questions, you are ready to attach them to your Onboarding Task List

Customize Onboarding Task List

You can use the same Onboarding Task List for all your new hires, or you can create different Onboarding Task Lists for each position.

Click on the “Hiring” tile on your HR Dashboard

Click on Task List on the dropdown menu

You will see the Onboarding Task Lists that have been created

To create a new Onboarding task list, click on

Complete the fields highlighted in yellow

Click on each question you want to send and then click on Link Question

After clicking on the Link Question box, you will see that your question has been linked

Create a Welcome and End Note and click on “Save Changes”

Onboarding Preparation

When you are ready to hire an applicant, you need to complete their Onboarding Preparation.

Click on the “Hiring” tile on your HR Dashboard

Click on App Tracking Dashboard from the dropdown menu