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ACA Compliance Resources

ACA Compliance Resources

Subject Matter Questions and Self-Help Resources

Our website,, contains tons of useful information with regards to using
the system as well as up-to-date communication on the Affordable Care Act. Remember that your ACA
Cloud Compliance dashboard gives you instant access to all of our educational material and
informational resources!

Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

Our Knowledge Base (KB) articles are always good reference material that are easily searchable on the
website by clicking the search option. They are updated yearly to contain pertinent information for the
current filing year. You can search the website and KB articles for any questions you may have outside
of support hours or before contacting support.

Frequently referenced KB articles include Common Employee Import Errors (KB13-047) and
Common Transaction Import Errors (KB14-062)

User Groups

Integrity Data user groups are an invaluable source of information for our customers. Navigate to . Current customers should have access
to the user group password. If not, you can e-mail Lindy Belley to get the password at


You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the blog feed section of the dashboard inside the ACA Cloud
Compliance Solution. We regularly release blogs pertaining to relevant industry information to keep
you informed about the Affordable Care Act.

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