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Terminating an Employee

By terminating an employee, you do not have to delete or end-date any of their deductions, direct deposits, benefits, etc. Once the employee is marked as terminated and blocked, you will no longer be able to pay them unless you either rehire them, (making them Active again), or unblocking them.

Employee Card:

  • Administration:
    • Payroll Status = Terminated
      • Once the Payroll Status is changed to “Terminated,” you will get the following pop-up:

      • Clicking Yes will block this employee so they don’t accidentally get paid going forward
    • Termination Date = (enter appropriate date)
    • Termination Reason = (optional)
    • Not Eligible for Rehire = (optional)

  • General:
    • Once you answer “Yes” above, the system will automatically mark the employee as “blocked,” and you will no longer be able to pay them unless you choose to unblock them.
      • Blocked = On
      • Blocked Date = (optional)

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