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Tips and Tricks for Navigating Grids

Most grids throughout the ACA Cloud Compliance Solution have the ability to have columns added,
sorted and filtered. The most useful grids to sort and filter would be

  • Employees
  • Transactions
  • 1095-C Information

Adding Columns

On the grid you would like to add columns to, click on the three vertical dots in the column header.
Hover over Columns and a list will appear of column choices. Check and uncheck the columns you
would like to add or take away.

Filtering Columns for Employees and 1095-Cs

On the grid, click the three vertical dots on the column header you would like to filter and hover over
Filter. There are several options for filtering. On the employee grid you would most likely choose “is
equal to” or “contains”. Is equal to will match the exact spelling entered into the text field. Contains
will match any letters entered into the text field and match the closest records containing those
characters. Click the Filter button when you are done to see results.

Filtering columns for Transaction and Other Grid Dates

The transaction grid acts the same when filtering employee ID, company ID, etc. Before filtering, make
sure to expand the “Displaying a maximum of” number to 500,000. The grid can act differently when
filtering start and end dates though. To filter dates, click the three vertical dots on the column header
you are filtering and hover over Filter. If you are looking for a range of dates, change the top drop
down list to “Is after or equal to” and change the second drop down list to “is before or equal to”. Then
use the date picker calendar and time to choose the range of dates. In the example below I would like
to look for transactions that were imported into the system between 1/1/2017 12:00AM to 7/1/2017
11:30PM. Click the Filter button to see the results.

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