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Update SUI Rates

Step 1: Go to the Full Payroll Menu

  • Select Periodic Processing

Step 2: Select Employer Tax Rate / Limit Update

Step 3: The next window is the Employer Tax Update – Make sure to toggle on show more

  • Action = Add – (adding a new record) / Modify – update existing record / Delete – delete record
  • Type = State Unemployment
  • Specify FUTA State = Leave toggled off
  • State Abbreviation – Texas = TX, etc.
  • Employer Tax Code = Use Drop down to select the SUTA Tax you are wanting to update.
  • Year = 20xx
  • Effective Date – Select start date
  • Tax Percent = 1.25 for 1.25%
  • Tax Limit = Wage limit for the specific state (example FL limit is $7,000.00)

Step 4: Once you have the information set, press OK. You will get a prompt about making an update – ‘OK” or ‘Yes’

Step 5: To Review your update go to Customer Payroll Tax Setup

Step 6: Select ‘State Unemployment’

Step 7: You will then see the SUTA Table. Find the state that you have updated and review that the change has been completed

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