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User Management

Global Settings > User Management

The ACA Compliance Solution begins with a single admin user, which was defined during the initial
onboarding process upon purchase of the product. The example below shows this condition for Wilbur

For an existing user, the name, phone number, and email fields are all editable. You can add another
user by clicking “Add User” in the grid header region. The creation of a user alone does not mean they
will have access to the system. You will need to send an invitation to the user by clicking the “Invite”
button. This will send an email to the user’s specified address and allow them to click a link
establishing their credentials to log into the ACA Compliance Solution. Establishing their credentials
means that the user will need to select an authentication provider (currently Google accounts or
Microsoft live accounts are supported). Please note that the invitation itself can be sent to any email
address but the actual login credentials themselves are tied to the aforementioned authentication

For example: Sebastian Farnsworth has an email address of and that is
where the email invite was sent. Once Sebastian checked his email and clicked on the invitation
embedded in the email invite, he was prompted to select an authentication provider. It is at this point
that Sebastian will need to provide Google or Microsoft credentials to log into the ACA Compliance

It is advisable to create at least one more user and invite them to the ACA Compliance
Solution as soon as possible after logging into the solution for the first time. This will ensure that there
is at least one other user of the system in the event that a problem arises with the initial user, e.g.…
technical issue or user leaves the company etc…

Adding Users

  • Enter the user’s User Name
  • Enter the user’s First Name
  • Enter the user’s Last Name
  • Choose the user’s Landing Page (Dashboard or Account)
  • Choose all of the roles that apply to this user by clicking on each role
  • Enter the user’s phone number
  • Enter the user’s Email Address

Click on the “Update” button to create the user

Editing Users

  •  Click on the “Edit” button next to the chosen user
  • Modify information
  • Click “Update” to save changes

Deleting Users

Users cannot be completely deleted from the system. They must be inactivated.

Inactivating Users

  • When a user needs to be inactivated, you may choose “Inactivate” from the Status drop down
  • Upon the inactivated users’ next login, an account inactivation message will appear.

Inviting Users

  • Inviting Users:
  • Check the checkbox next to the chosen user
  • Click the “Invite” button

The system will then send an invitation to the specified e-mail address
The system also allows you to send subsequent invitations in case a user never receives it, loses the
original or forgets their credentials. Sending subsequent invitations resets the user account access so
the user will not have access until they accept the subsequent invite.

There is a warning message alerting you if you are about to reset an active user:

Landing Page and Role List

The Landing Page is meant as a starting point in the ACA Solution for each individual user. As each user
logs in to the system, their landing page may be changed to the Dashboard or Account page according
to their role.

Creating A Support Session

Global Settings > User Management

Creating a Support Session is to be used at the request of an Integrity Data customer care
representative. By inviting a representative to your account you are giving them total access to all
information in order to assist with troubleshooting for account issues. In order to invite a customer
care representative to your account, navigate to User Management under the Global Settings menu
navigation and click “Activate Support Session.”