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W-2 Distribution Management

Search for W2 Distribution Management or locate in Departments/NAV Payroll/Setup/W2 Distribution Management – All the Actions needed are in the ribbon.


Load W2 Employees – Provides a list of all employees with earnings in the current year. If there are blocked or terminated employees with earnings for the year they will show in this list. Once this list is loaded you can begin processing W2’s.

Email W2 to Employees – This feature will create password protected files that are sent by email to all employees that have the proper settings marked in their employee card. We suggest printing at least one copy of the W2 to a pdf prior to emailing. This way you can confirm that all copies needed are in the file. Once that is done you can process all the employees by email.

W2 Downloaded / Signed – This is only valid if you have Web portal. This will provide you with a list of employees that have downloaded their w-2 and signed it digitally if required.

Electronic W2 File Setup – State Specific Filing setup.

W2 Report – Provides multiple ways to print W2’s.


Line flags:

Paperless W2 Opt-in: This is located on each employee’s card. Administration tab.

Printed: Once W2 is printed this will show checked if the option in the W2 report ‘Set Printed to True in W2 Dist.’ is set to true when running the W2 report

Sent via Email: Will populate if W2’s are emailed

Downloaded from Self-Service Web Portal: This will be populated when employees access the portal and download their W2

Signed via Self-Service Web Portal: This will be populated when employees access the portal, download, and sign their W2 if required.

Distribution Completed: This will be populated if any of the other options are filled in. It allows for quick filtering to see who is completed.



The W-2 report will print W-2s in either the official 2-forms-per-page scannable format that is required if you are sending the forms into the Social Security Administration, or they will print in the 1-form-per-page format that corresponds with the downloadable PDF W-2. You can download the appropriate for at this URL:
The one form per page format can be given to the employees if you submit the electronic W-2 file to the SSA (Social Security Administration) via BSO (Business Services Online). You can register to submit the W-2 electronic file at this URL:

It is HIGHLY recommended that you compare this year’s W2 to a previous year’s W2.

Any State and Local taxes with special reporting requirements will need to be verified that they are appearing on the W2 as expected.

When printing there are two formats available.

  • 1 form per page with layout – no additional form purchase needed.
  • 4up form – requires the purchase of 4up preprinted W2 forms, the front is preprinted with 4 W2 forms, the back is preprinted with instructions

1 form per page with layout

All forms can be printed for all employees or just one depending on the filter you pick.
The Pages to print are as follows:
Copy 1 – For State, City, or Local Tax Department
Copy B – To Be Filed with Employee’s Federal Tax Return
Copy C – For Employee’s Records
Copy 2 – To Be Filed with Employee’s State, City, or Local Income Tax Return.
Copy D – For Employer

When you select the W2 Form to print it will update the Pages to Print tab with the correct check boxes.


4up Form

  • Requires the purchase of 4up preprinted front and back form
  • If you print the 4up form and there are multiple states it will print multiple forms for the same employee with only the 1st form showing the federal information
  • When printing the 4 up form you may need to adjust the print down you can do this by selecting either 1/32 inch or 1/16 inch. Which can be done in the options Tab. Adjust Numbers Down:
  • With the 4up form you have the option to Collapse Multiple Local taxes: When this option is selected MULTIPLE will be displayed when there is more than one local tax so that it will fit on one form. Unchecked it will print an additional form for each locality with taxes. On the second form printed the Federal numbers will not be printed.

If you choose to use the W2 Distribution Manager, you will want to put a check in the Box Set Printed to True in W2 Dist so that those employees show as ‘Printed’ in the W2 distribution list

Once you are ready be sure to print all forms to a PDF first. Then print from the PDF on blank paper or the preprinted forms depending on the layout you have selected.

Click the “Send to” button, choose “PDF Document,” then click “OK” to create the PDF file. The PDF file will have standardized spacing making the information fit correctly on the forms regardless of the local printer settings. Once your PDF is created, simply open and print onto the W-2 forms.

Printing the Employer Copies:

To print the employer copies to PDF for your records, you will want to follow the same steps but scroll down to “Pages To Print”. Toggle off all the options except for Copy D. You will then click the “Send to” button, choose “PDF Document,” then click “OK” to create the PDF file. This can then be saved off for your records.


There is a small amount of setup that needs to be done prior to emailing forms.

  • Employee Maintenance
    • The employee email address must be filled in on the Employee Card.
    • You will also want to select Paperless w2 Opt-in.