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HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

Direct Deposit Integration (HR to GP)

1. This document explains the procedure for updating direct deposit changes in HR and payroll systems.

Tip: Keep in mind that in HR, the net remainder always goes to the first direct deposit account, which must account for 100%. In GP, the net remainder is always assigned to the last active record and must also account for 100%. We do not support net remainder line numbers because of these stipulations.

Adding a New Account

2. When a new account is added, the integration ensures that the accounts remain in order, with the net remainder record always being the last account.

3. For instance, if a third Direct Deposit is added to an employee.

4. The system will automatically create a new account in line 2, making the necessary adjustments to accommodate the new account.

Tip: The system can establish new direct deposit accounts with either an active or prenote status.

  • For more information, click here and review the Direct Deposit Default section.

Alert: In some cases, the net remainder might not be the final account when there are inactive accounts and the total number of accounts is greater than four.

Clear Direct Deposit Account (Delete)

5. For instance, if the third Direct Deposit account is cleared for an employee.

6. The system will modify the account in line 2, setting its status to ‘Inactive’.

Update Direct Deposit Account Example

7. For instance, if the 2nd Direct Deposit account is updated to a’$200.00′ amount

8. The system will modify the account in line 1, changing the amount to the new amount of ‘$200.00’

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