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HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

Integrity Data Product Release Notes for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 June 2024

2024 June EES & HR Pay Summary Upload Update

What’s new:
This version contains bug fixes for the EES Print Driver, and Updates to the Pay Summary Upload to HRP Process and Report.
See the ID Payroll Features Installation Guide for details about the products.

**Note additional installation included that contains both current Integrity Data solutions and solutions previously provided by Microsoft: Payroll Extensions, Paid Time Off Manager, Advanced Payroll, and Advanced Human Resources
Employee Email Suite

• Fixed timing issues in the Print Driver PDF creation method that caused the Email Earning Statements process to throw errors and sometimes hang GP with larger batches.
–  To do this, we created an Alternate Direct Deposit Statement of Earnings Report that adds a Legend field to the report that tells the system where to Print the PDFs.
–     Here are the steps to select this Alternate Report:
1. Navigate to Tools>Setup>System>Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports Select the correct Default ID
2. Select Product = Employee Email Suite
3. Select Type =Reports
4. Select Series = All
5. Click on the ‘+’ beside Payroll
6. Select the ‘+’ beside Direct Deposit Statement of Earnings
7. Select Employee Email Suite
8. Save and Close the Window

* For those customers using the CLM report or a modified version of the Direct Deposit Statement of Earnings Report will need to add the “Legend 1” field in report writer to be able to continue to use the modified report. There is a KB article on our resource center that shows how to do this edit.
** These changes also require an updated version of the ID Print Driver to be installed. This installer can be found on the Integrity Data Downloads page.
***In some environments, read and write privileges will have to be granted to the user for the GP folder and the folder that the PDFs are created in. This folder location is set in the Employee Email Suite Setup Window in GP.

• Fixed a bug that caused the EES process to change the NoPrintDialogue Dex.ini setting to TRUE and not change the setting back after the process finished.
Integration to Integrity Data HRP (IDCS)
• Added the ability to Password Protect Pay Summaries sent to HR
• Added ability to choose if DD accounts created in HR will default to Active or Prenote
• Changed Pay Summary Upload to use the New PDF Print Driver
• Updated the Report to use the Direct Deposit Statement of Earnings format
• Added functionality to upload Historical Pay Summary information to HR
–   Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Utilities > Payroll > HRP Pay History Upload
• Moved the Pay Summary Upload Process from the Payroll Posting Process to the new Historical Pay Summary Upload
–  Added a dialog box to the end of the Posting Process asking if you want to upload Pay Summaries to HR. Clicking Yes will open the HRP Pay History Upload window.

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