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IRS E-Filing Steps


You must start with KB14-092 as it is the Prerequisite setup to completing your filings with success!!  CLICK HERE

On the ACA Integrity Data Solution go to Utilities & Maintenance > ACA Utilities > IRS Filing

The IRS Filing page is used to electronically send 1094-C and 1095-C forms to the IRS.

If you have multiple companies, all companies for which a year end close has been done will appear on
the IRS Filing page. In order to select forms to send to the IRS:

  1. Check the Selected checkbox next to the filing year you would like to send
  2. On the right of the page, click the 1095-C(S) button. This opens a grid in which you can select all
    of the 1095-Cs you would like to send.

3.  Go through each page in this grid and ensure that all forms are selected. NOTE: If you have
manually added 1095-Cs, they will not be checked by default. You will need to go through and
manually check them. If you check or uncheck a form on a page, save each page you make a
change to before moving on to the next page

4. Close the grid

5. If you have multiple companies, you will need to repeat these steps for each company.  Then, click the Send To IRS button one company at a time. Once the selected company goes to “Waiting for Validation” you may then select another company and Send To IRS.

NOTE: For best results, it is best to submit one company at a time to the IRS. So please be sure to
select a single row when submitting.

Once the “Send To IRS” button on the IRS Filing page has been clicked, you will need to give a little but
of time to process. Then you will need to click the blue Refresh IRS Status button on the upper right until you see Pending.
Once the status has changed to Pending, you will check the IRS Filing page periodically and click the Refresh IRS Status blue button to see if you
have received an updated IRS status. Here are the different IRS statuses that you may see:

  • Waiting on Validation: This is the Compliance Solution doing some last minute checks to make
    sure that your submission does not have any obvious errors. If an error is found, “Initial Error” will
    display in the Initial Error column and you can click on the link to view it. Once all errors have
    been corrected, you can resubmit your forms to the IRS following the same steps above.
  • Sending : The Compliance Solution is transmitting your forms to the IRS

  • Pending: Your forms are in line to be processed by the IRS.