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Deleting Duplicated Hours and Re-Uploading – “Employee ID Not Found”


Duplication of Hours will occur easily if transactions are uploaded more than once. This happens if:

  1. You accidentally upload the transactions more than once in the Excel upload or with the GP Connector
  2. If you see this error on the transaction upload “Employee Not Found…” beware! Do NOT uploaded transactions before you uploaded Employees SUCCESSFULLY. In this situation, the cloud solution is saying we cannot find an ID to attach these transactions. The fix is to upload the employees successfully every time before you upload transactions. That way the new hires will be in the system and a transaction upload error for these employees will not occur.

You need to know the following about situation 2: All the other employee transactions that were not in error did go in and duplication of hours is possible with the next upload. This will occur when you upload the entire corrected employee file the second time. **Notice this is different from an erred Employee File. When an error occurs with an Employee file, the entire upload is stopped until you fix it and re-upload.

To see if you have duplicated hours, go to the Alerts and Reports/ACA Reports/Employee/Monthly Hours Breakdown and pull up the year that was uploaded giving that error. Look on that report for the month or months that the duplication started. For a FT Salaried employee the month should show 160 hours except for 2 months that show 240.

A new and simpler way of deleting whole batches of erred duplicate uploads is found in KB14-078.

The other way of filtering to find the erred range of transactions that did go into the Cloud is to go to Maintenance/Transactions and filter for the Check Date or Start Date of when the duplication began or check the Display Last Imported Transactions box.  Click Display Results.  Delete all Viewable Records. The Viewable Records are the filtered records from the grid.  See below. Then re-upload, first employees, then, transactions with the Spreadsheet or GP Connector beginning when you deleted.

The Step-by-Step fix on the Cloud for duplication of your hours through the transactions upload grid is as follows:

  1. On the Cloud Solution go to Maintenance/Transactions.
  2. Use the Transactions Grid at the top to Filter.
  3. Click the Display Results.
  4. DELETE ALL VIEWABLE RECORDS on the blue line.
  5. Re-upload the transaction file (after a successful employee upload)

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