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New and Simple Way to Delete Duplicated Transaction Uploads


On the Upload and Import page of Utilities is a Transaction Import History Grid found by clicking on the blue “Show History” button.

The Transaction Show History grid behaves differently than the other history grids. There are a few areas of interest in this grid.

1. Control Number: This number correlates to a sequential number that is assigned to each batch of transaction imports. You may view this control number on the transaction grid as well – This helps identify which transactions came over in which batch. If you choose to remove transactions, this is the number that the system uses in order to remove them.

2. Success Trx Count: This is a count of the number of successful transactions that came over in the import. Example: Your import file contains 100 transactions. 75 of them came into the system successfully and 25 have errors associated with them. The Success Trx Count number would be 75.

3. Trash Can Icon: You may remove batches of transactions (whether successful or not) from the system by clicking on the trash can icon in this grid. When you delete transactions there is a confirmation message that appears confirming the number of transactions to be removed from the system.


For Further Information see KB 14-067


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Last Review:      6/10/2022 – Revision: 1.0

Applies To:   ACA Compliance Solution

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