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Calculation of Unpaid Leaves of Absence in the ACA Compliance Solution


Our ACA Compliance Solution in Configuration>Unpaid Leave handles leaves of absence by calculating the average hours of service per day during the working period and then apply that to the days of leave.  If the employee is out for the entire calendar year, you will need to upload the FMLA hours using our Excel Spreadsheet. (Many employers have created pay codes for the various hours of service.  If you have created those pay codes and include them in the uploads, you would not use our solutions Unpaid Leave).

This approach allows the employer to look at average hours per week being calculated versus having to figure out what, if any, leaves of absence there were.


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Last Review:  5/24/2022 – Revision: 2.0

Applies To:   ACA Reporting Requirements, ACA Compliance solution

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