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How to Activate the State Mandated Filing Service within your ACA Solution


Under new state mandates insurers, employers, government agencies, multi-employer plans and other entities that provide health insurance, and are fully-insured or self-insured, must submit required information returns not just to the IRS but also to certain states reporting on individuals’ health insurance coverage.

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1. Activate the State Filing service for each company that needs to be filed with the state. This is done in the ACA solution itself under Company Setup.
Configuration > ACA Setup > Company

Integrity Data ACA State Filing Activation


2. Make sure that the 1095-C forms for employees who need to be filed with the state are marked next to the “State ACA Filing for:”  You can mark this checkbox on the Edit 1095-c window for your state.  Utilities & Maintenance > ACA Maintenance > 1095-C’s > then select to edit the 1095-C

** NOTE ** The Year End Close process, mass create 1095-Cs, and the import 1095-C process will pre-mark all employee 1095-Cs for you, if the employee currently has an address with the state requiring reporting. However, if an employee currently has a different state address than the one they had during the filing year, you must mark these manually. (An example of this would be when the employee used to live in New Jersey for most of the previous year but currently has a different state address. For purposes of the NJ act, “residents” are both full and part time residents where part-time is defined as anyone who resided in New Jersey for longer than 15 days any time during the calendar year.)

3. You don’t need to do anything else. After you file your Federal forms with the IRS, the State Filing service will automatically kick in and you will get a receipt if one is provided by the state. If you file corrections with the IRS or create subsequent transmissions the State Filing Service will process those as well (if needed) and you will receive a receipt if one is provided. Any receipts provided will go to the ACA email address you specified during sign up. If you are a full-service user, you don’t need to do anything else.

Please remember: The Service needs to be activated for each company/EIN that has a state filing requirement.

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